Teaching and Seminars

Cambridge Lectures (2019–20)

Lent Term (January – March 2020)

Topics in Aesthetics (Part II, weeks 1 to 6, Fridays 1530–1700, Faculty Board Room, Faculty of Philosophy) [webpage is password protected; Cambridge students may contact the lecturer to gain access]

Practical Reasoning (Part IB, weeks 1 to 4, Wednesdays 1000–1100, Lecture Block Room 11)

Michaelmas Term (October – November 2019)

John Stuart Mill, On Liberty and The Subjection of Women (Part IA, weeks 1 to 8, Thursdays 1200–1300, Little Hall Lecture Theatre)

Topics in Metaethics (Part II, weeks 1 to 8, Tuesdays 0900–1000, Faculty Board Room)

Political Realism and Non-Ideal Theory (Part II, weeks 5 to 8; in weeks 5, 7, 8: Wednesday 0900–1030, Faculty Board Room; in week 6, Friday 0900–1030, Graduate Common Room)

Wittgenstein, On Certainty (Part II, weeks 7 and 8; Friday 1200–1300, Lecture Block Room 10)

Cambridge Lectures (2018–19)

Michaelmas Term (October – November 2018)

– Set Texts: John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women (IA, weeks 5 to 8, Thursdays 1100–1200, Lecture Block Room 1)

– Ethics: Virtues, Vices, and Moral Learning (IB, weeks 1 to 4, Thursdays 1000–1100, Lecture Block Room 10)

– Ethics: Beneficence and Aggregation (IB, weeks 1 to 4, Wednesdays 1100–1200, Lecture Block Room 10)

– Ethics: Metaethics and Moral Epistemology (II and graduates, weeks 1 to 4, Mondays 1100–1230, Faculty Board Rom)

Wittgenstein and British Philosophy (II and graduates, weeks 1 to 8, Wednesdays 1430–1600, Graduate Common Room)

Lent Term (January – March 2019)

– Ethics: Axiology and Well-being (II and graduates, weeks 5–8, Wednesdays 1100–1200, Lecture Block Room 12)

– Ethics: Metaethics and Moral Epistemology (II and graduates, weeks 1 to 4, Thursdays 1200–1330, Faculty Board Room)

Seminars, workshops and reading group

Since Lent Term 2017, I have been convening a weekly seminar, ‘Schmilosophy’, where participants – who range from undergraduates to faculty – discuss writings outside, or at an angle to, the analytic mainstream of Anglophone philosophy.

In Michaelmas Term 2017, I ran a couple of experimental workshops [password protected] for Part II students aimed at working together with students already aware of the general principles of good academic writing on improving the quality of our philosophical prose.

Reading list for prospective undergraduates

My summer reading list for incoming Cambridge undergraduates at my college.

Old Lectures

In the academic year 2017–18, I shall be delivering undergraduate lectures on the following topics. I shall post my handouts from these lectures on this website after the lecture has been delivered.

Michaelmas Term (October-November)

Virtues, Vices & Moral Learning (IB, weeks 1 to 4, Fri 1200–1300, Lecture Block 10)

Beneficence (IB, weeks 5 to 8, Tue 1000–1100, Lecture Block 8)

Metaethics (II, weeks 1 to 8, Wed 1000–1100, Lecture Block 11)

Lent Term (January-March)

Normative Ethics & Moral Psychology, with Dr Robert Watt (IA, weeks 1 to 8, Wed 1100–1200, Lecture Block 7)

Contractualism, Aggregation, and Promising (IB, weeks 1 & 2, Wed 1000–1100, Lecture Block 11 & 9; weeks 3 & 4, Wed 1000–1100, Lecture Block 11 & 9)

Motivation & Practical Reasoning (IB, weeks 1 to 4, Tue 1000–1100, Lecture Block 1)

Axiology & Well-being (II, weeks 1 to 4, Wed 1100–1200, Mill Lane Lecture 11)


I supervise undergraduates in the Cambridge Philosophy ‘Tripos’ and MPhils (Master’s students) on topics in ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics and the history of philosophy.


I list the Tripos papers I supervise. I am open to requests from Directors of Studies for supervising coursework and dissertations on topics within my areas of competence.

Part IA (1st year)

– Set Texts (Plato, Meno; Descartes, Meditations; Mill, On Liberty & The Subjection of Women)

– Ethics and Political Philosophy

– Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Mind

Part IB (2nd year)

– Metaphysics and Epistemology

– Ethics

– Political Philosophy

Part II (3rd year)

– Ethics

– Political Philosophy

– Aesthetics

– Plato

MPhil Students

Since 2015, I have supervised MPhil essays and dissertations on the following topics:

– Ethical demands in emergency situations

– Integrity and ethical objectivity

– Recollection and immortality in Plato’s Meno

–  Kant on duties to non-human animals

– Nietzsche and Foucault on genealogy

– Sidgwick on the dualism of practical reason

PhD Students

As my contract at Cambridge is temporary (ending in 2020), I am not available to supervise PhD candidates. Anyone interested in doing a PhD in Philosophy at Cambridge on a topic within my interests is welcome to write to me for advice on suitable supervisors.