Nikhil Krishnan

Teaching & seminars
ResearchJournalism & criticism

I am a lecturer (2015–20) at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, and Fellow in Philosophy at Robinson College.

In philosophy, I am interested in and teach ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, epistemology and the history of philosophy.

I convene a regular weekend reading group on texts marginal to mainstream analytic philosophy (forms, genres, figures, traditions) called Schmilosophy.

I also publish journalism on history, literature, music, visual art and sport.

My narrative history of philosophy in Oxford (1900–60), provisionally titled A Terribly Serious Adventure, is due to be published in early 2021 [synopsis]. For brief descriptions of other projects I have on the go, see Research.

I am represented by United Agents.

I have previously published under the name Nakul Krishna.